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your weird is your wealth


That’s right, I said it.

And I LOVE your weird.

Because your weird is wonderful, and your weird is your wealth.

So when I call you weird, I’m giving you the biggest compliment I can think of.

For wayyyyyyyyy too long I ignored my weirdness and thought it was something to hide. Because you know “be professional” commentary ringing in my ear.

Sayonara status quo and hello quirky. Now you can see me wearing a wig on my reels or making a funny face in my lives, and cracking an occasional awful dad-joke.

So do me a favor, and stop trying to fit into the Instagram-perfect box, because it’s BORING.

It’s time to let your freak flag fly, you magical butterfly, you!

What do you do for fun? What brings you joy? What do your friends know you for? What are you maybe keeping a little hidden?

Can you quote every single line from rom-coms? Do you go bird watching on the weekends? Or are you the foodie of the group that’s constantly trying new things?

My loved ones know me as the coffee obsessed, cheeseburger loving, yoga fan, that can quote any Will Ferrell movie, can’t eat enough chocolate cake, and is fascinated by crystals and energy. OMMMMMMMM.

That’s my weird, and I embrace it! And you love it, which is why you’re reading this email (omg, right?!).

What makes a leveled-up brand isn’t the same ol’ stuff we’ve already seen.

What does shine... a brand that feels like a soulmate because they KNOW what you’re about and your ideal customer is all about that too.

I’m challenging you to put your weird front and center.

Because when you do, you’ll find that the alluring woman within is shining BRIGHT!

Your fellow weirdo,

Jess the Besss(t)

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