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With organization and structure comes empowerment.

I like to plan my week ahead on Sunday. Do you do this too? If not, I highly recommend it and it only takes about 30 minutes. ⁠Having a plan not only keeps you organized, but it keeps you accountable.

Here’s what I do:

  1. 5 minute journal to remove any annoying thoughts, blocks, or emotions. ⁠

  2. Review my quarter goals. Where am I on track and where do I need to put some of my attention. ⁠ I use my favorite tool, the “My Intention Check List” that’s available by clicking

  3. Review my calendar for the coming week. Are all meetings and currently schedule projects still relevant to my objectives? Cancel those that are not.

  4. Schedule out any time blocks that need attention to get me closer to Q2 goals. ⁠

Now I know what I need to do for the week without drama, and I’m ready to tackle the week.

Feel free to email me at and share with me what you do or anything that feels hard.

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