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(pumpkin) SPICE UP YA LIFE 🎃

Be honest, are you procrastinating?

If you're procrastinating on anything, I want you to write a long list of everything that you've been pushing off, not taking care of, wanting to move forward on, but haven't, or any of those nagging little tasks — like calling your insurance company or your credit card company or the bank — that you have to take care of and I want you to block off some time this week to just handle it.

You have no idea how it's dragging on your energy and taking away from what you really need to be focusing on.

Which is growing your business, branding your business, and showing up with value for your clients and prospects.


Now that I've gotten that out of the way — trust me, I'll be doing it too — I'm telling you because it's something I'm taking care of as well.

Now that you've gotten those annoying tasks out of the way, it's really time to start thinking about planning, planning the rest of your year.

Planning 2023. 😳

We're gonna be diving more into this as the year winds down — not to freak you out!

But really start thinking about your vision and what you want to be creating over the next 12 months.

Don’t wait until January to start thinking about this. Start putting those energies in motion now so you can plan and prep and do things in the fall and winter before the new year starts, it'll be fun!

Trust me, especially when you get all those things that you've been procrastinating on out of the way, you’ll thank yourself!

Sending You Lots of Love,


🎀 When you think BASIC - you probably think Pumpkin Spice Lattes, UGG boots, infinity scarves, and skinny jeans (we’re not ready to give them up, Gen Z!!!)

🎃 At designKREW, we LOVE a pumpkin moment. Cool, cozy mornings and autumnal scents - SIGN US UP!

🙅🏼‍♀️ But we draw the line at basic branding.

🌶 How can you spice up ya’ life online and in your branding (people of the world) - see what we did there?

🔝 Here’s our top 3 tips for giving your brand a Fall reset.

💁🏼‍♀️ No Basic B’s here. B meaning brands, of course…

  1. 🧹 Clean out your closet - Okay, maybe not your literal closet. But what about your business is overdue, out of season, or just plain outdated? Clear the clutter to ready yourself for the new season, and usher in a wave of inspiration. Whether this is clearing your work space or your digital operations structure - we all get busy and these sorts of things can get pushed to the back burner. Make sure you delegate time to clear out your inbox, DMs, or anything else that has been neglected at the end of each quarter - that will ensure it doesn’t stack up.

  2. 🌟 Bring Back Fan Faves - A certain coffee company with a green logo knows the secret to success is keeping your customers happy. And if that means PUMPKIN in August instead of September, so be it. They listen and they incorporate feedback. You can do the same. Make sure you are keeping track of metrics and reporting which of your services or products are selling out time and again, and anticipate the needs of your clients, so you can predict their orders ahead of time. Is there a black horse offering that you need to ramp up marketing for? A secret sauce to your success? Work smarter, not harder, and elevate this offering while it’s hot.

  3. 🧥 Get Cozy - Settle into your new routine. As the days get shorter and darker, you may need to develop a new routine to get yourself going and stay on top of things. If you find that you’re struggling with the change of seasons - it’s okay to ask for help! Conserve your energy by focusing on the things only you can do, while outsourcing the rest.

Astro-Forecast for the week of September 27, 2022:

🌕☀️ The Sun Sextile The Moon

Things should feel (slightly) easier this week. If you find yourself particularly feeling “in the flow” - go with that! Use this transit to make the most of your creative burst and putting-those-dreams-into-action energy.

☀️🍑 The Sun Square Uranus

You might find yourself feeling stuck or even stifled in your progress this week. You might find yourself comparing your business to more “traditional” methods or ideas about how things “should be done” - stop SHOULDING yourself and honor what feels authentic in your body. Take time to meditate this week. Inhale inspiration and exhale stagnation. Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

🌙🔲 The Moon Square Jupiter

There could be an urge this week to cut corners or do a quick-and-dirty version of a job just to get it off of your plate. Try to avoid doing that this week, as you will run into unexpected obstacles and consequences. Even if it means communicating that you need more time on a deadline, it’s better to go that route than to do a rush job this week.

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