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3 A+ Business Tips 🍎✏️

I hope you had an amazing labor day, hottie!

Now is the time to really reap the benefits of your own labor, and that back-to-school vibe is in the air.

So, we want to give you some quick tips that you can implement — without a tutor, without extra study hall hours — that you can implement in your business right away. (Make sure you check those out below!)

In the meantime, I really want you to picture yourself working with clients you love!

Envision creating transformation beyond your wildest dreams — really creating a space and a container for your clients, one that your potential leads are flocking to.

This can be yours when you have the right formula for a million dollar brand in place.

I'm so excited to be on this journey with you via these newsletters.

But if you're interested in actually taking your business to the high six-or-seven-figure mark — in really shining and speaking your truth online like the boss diva that you are, in feeling that liberation and freedom of being cashed up, and in having the pressure taken off knowing that you have a marketing force behind you — then these newsletters are not enough!

I want you to book a call with us right now, gorgeous, and take those non-zone of genius pieces off of your plate.

So you can step into your next era of thriving.

With Lots of Love,


🍎Ahh, September! Crisp leaves, juicy apples, a new back-to-school wardrobe….*record scratch*

😳Oh, wait…you’re a whole business owner now.

😅But that doesn’t mean you can sleep on your business … back-to-school season isn’t just for the kiddos!

📐 Here at DesignKREW, we think it’s important to ALWAYS have a beginner’s mindset - always learning, always growing, always honing your skills.

🤓 And that’s why we have some biz tips to make you teacher’s pet (er…your own pet? We aren’t sure.)

🌟 Here are some A+ tips for making your business the top of its class:

  • Revisit Your Routine - one of the most tried and true tips for back-to-school is making a schedule, but that’s much easier said than done when no one is there handing out tardy slips. Even when you own your own business, it is SO important to establish a routine. This will help you ensure you’re reaching your goals 🏈🙌🏼

  • Do Your Homework - Are you too caught up in the day-to-day operations to get ahead on things like market research, new trends, to learn a new skill or modality, to pursue new credentials? Let us handle the day-to-day stuff FOR YOU. That way, you can spend your time learning, growing, and being the visionary you were born to be. 🦉

  • Grade Yourself - Students get graded, employees get performance reviews … but when you’re your own boss, things can slip through the cracks. It is so important to hold yourself accountable! So, while you always want to be kind and gracious to yourself, make sure you are also holding yourself to the standard that is in alignment with your business aspirations. And be honest with how your performance is contributing to you manifesting your desired future. 🎓

Feel like you need a TUTOR to make it through this season? Book MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT to see how we can help you customize your content strategy and take the pre-req tasks off your plate!

Astro-Forecast for the week of September 9, 2022:

Mercury Goes Retrograde in the sign of Libra

🦋 Alright, friends. It’s that time of year again. Mercury has stationed retrograde in the social butterfly air sign of Libra.

⚖️ Mercury rules communication, community, technology, contracts, and social justice, while Libra rules justice, equality, partnerships, and balance.

💀 Here’s the deal - if you are wanting to launch a new program or offering..WAIT. Just please, if at all possible, wait.

♎️ If you MUST sign a contract before Mercury goes direct on 10/2, make sure you read through it with a fine-toothed comb first.

💾 DEFINITELY back up your hard drive (and for that matter - get your oil changed and stop ignoring that check engine light omg).

❤️‍🔥 Be patient with yourself and others, and plan to miscommunicate during this time. If you find yourself stuck going back and forth - try jumping on a zoom or phone call, instead of emailing. If nothing else, it will help you remember you’re talking to a human.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Last, but not least, BREATHE. The universe is not out to get you. And anything that falls through was never yours to begin with.

You got this, babe.

And remember, if you start to feel like you DON’T GOT THIS….we got you!! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with Jessica today!

P.S. no, really, get your check engine light fixed. Miss Mercury doesn't play and you don’t have time to be broken down on the side of the interstate. 😜

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