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what’s your point? 🙄

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

If you aren't getting what you want, you likely are not asking clearly for what you need.

Remember that a confused mind always says “no.”

The last thing you want to do is provide your audience with way too many options to choose from - too many payment plan options, too many variations of your offerings.

Make sure the outcomes of your offerings are very, very clear and succinct, and always include ways your potential new client can take that next step to engage in business with you.

We have some really cool call to action (CTA) tips and tricks listed for you below.

But most importantly, the message that is coming through for you this week is that your energy needs to be very high vibe, clear, and straight to the point, like a laser-focus.

Don't be all over the place - offer one option and then the very next step someone needs to take to engage with you.


Not sure where the ‘F' to start with successful CTAs? We got you.

Essentially, you’re turning “call me, maybe” into “you’ll definitely want to call me.”

You want to ensure all of the work you are putting out is actually working for you...

A.K.A. getting your potential clients to take action and become current clients.

Leading your new client (let’s go ahead and ✨manifest it ✨) where you want them to go is ESSENTIAL!

Here’s a few of our personal favorite CTA tips - in acronym style 😎:

  • C - Clear and concise. Really going to hammer this one home - but PLEASE make sure your CTAs are concise, succinct, direct, and clear. Because, remember, clear is kind.

  • T - Take inventory of how your CTAs are performing and keep this data somewhere you can refer back to it. Which ones are flopping and which ones are popping (off)? 😉

  • A - Always keep a CTA “bank” or archive of ones you’ve used in the past (like in the “T” step), and come back to the ones that performed really well and re-use/re-work those for future iterations and campaigns!

Don’t lose out on potential clients with weak or confusing CTAs. Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT to see how we can help convert your lead generation into paying clients.

Astro-Forecast for the week of August 22, 2022:

☀️ The Sun Square Mars

This week, you may be more frustrated than usual.

If you find yourself feeling prickly, take a moment to ground yourself with some deep breaths.

Better yet, take a walk or hit the gym on your lunch break to get some of that aggression out before hitting “reply”.

🌙 The Moon Square Jupiter

This makes me think of the adage “if you think you hate everyone, eat. If you think everyone hates you, sleep.”

You could be tempted to make business decisions from an emotional mindset this week.

Pause, take breaks, be honest with yourself, and try to find the balance between “honoring your needs” and slacking off.

♍️ New Moon in Virgo on 8/27

This is the perfect day to organize and de-clutter your workspace.

Heck, even treat yourself to some organizational goodies! Target run, anyone?

🔥 Mercury Opposed Neptune

Communication might be a little … spicy this week.

If you find yourself feeling confused, out-of-the-loop, or frustrated with miscommunications - center yourself before sending an accusatory or blunt “reply all”.

🔥Mercury Trine Pluto

Your analytical abilities are on POINT this week.

Devote a few hours mid-week to ideating and daydreaming about where you’d like your business/professional life to be in 5 years.

Then, spend some time mapping out goals for how to get yourself there.

🔥Saturn Square Uranus

Always remember, rejection is divine protection! If a potential client doesn’t turn out to be the right fit for you - that just makes space for your dream client to come in. And ultimately - keep in mind, you don’t have to fix anything right now. Walk away and you’ll likely come back with a fresh perspective.

And remember, if you need help converting those leads into clients, book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT.

Wishing you a magical week,

Jessica Krewson,

The Branding Oracle

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