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Quarterly Trend Forecast 🔮

I just got back from a meditation retreat and I’m feeling high as a kite.

I love taking time and space for myself to really focus on what's meaningful and dear to me.

And I hope you take time to do the same, because clarity can be the most beautiful thing.

But sometimes, it's hard to see the forest through the trees and so I’d like to invite you to create a space where you can receive support or help in that area.

Whatever the area may be for you.

Sometimes I get so narrowed in on closing that next deal or finishing that next project that I'm not taking a bird's eye view of the business.

And when you don’t have space for clarity, it is difficult to receive guidance.

So if you feel like you're getting tunnel vision in or things aren't happening the way you initially envisioned and it feels like things are spiraling, you might need to grant yourself the gift of receiving support.

I'd love to be that support for you.

We all need it.

Every high-achieving athlete has a coach.

Every person deserves to have something or someone in their life that can reflect back to them.

To help provide clarity on what's going on for them and their business, and that's exactly what we do for brands.

It's something that I just completely love and adore doing.


This is your sign to ask for support and then receive that support.

With Lots of Love,


🏔It can feel easy to get behind in the digital landscape - like there’s always a shiny new toy or trend or social media site to lip sync on.

🐝There are buzzwords and articles about the new discoveries in tech and digital.

🎣Even the constant stream of your peers, or competitors in your feed can leave you feeling perpetually behind.

Not to worry.

👩🏼‍🌾We’ve done the digging for you, and found the hottest trends for digital and marketing in Q4 2022, so you don’t have to!

🌸So what are this season’s groundbreaking trends, you ask?

Here’s our prediction for the TOP 5 TRENDS for fall/winter:


Yes, even more.

Expect to plan time for even more video content creation.

And if you haven’t already, you might want to plan some content creation days into your calendar for LIVE Streaming, video creation (especially reels and TikTok) as we expect video is only going to be growing exponentially in Q4 and beyond.


Whether you’re a large team or a solo business baddie, outsourcing is going to be even more popular this fall and winter.

With the holiday season and end-of-year deadlines zooming in quicker than ever (seemingly), it is SO helpful and important to get non-zone of genius tasks off of your plate.

If you can’t make time for social posting, writing emails to your customers (like this one!), or you’re even worried about how you’re going to market AND fulfill your orders — get some support.

This could be the difference between making a little progress and making BIG MOVES.

You’ll thank yourself for it!

3. 👾 BLACK FRIDAY + CYBER MONDAY (with a twist)

Give the people what they want!

And give it to them early!

This is no new trend, BUT what we’ve noticed over the past few years is that businesses (AND SERVICE PROVIDERS) are promoting earlier and regardless of industry.

E-commerce is more important than ever, and online entrepreneurs and service providers are missing out on a MAJOR opportunity to reach new customers with timely, impactful promotions and discounts.

PLUS - with physical stores closed on Thanksgiving Day - many turn to the always open online shopping world. Even for service based industries.

Everyone is in the spirit of saving as much as possible around the holidays and news of a deal or promotion could be the selling point for a would-be customer that was previously on the fence.

So, definitely make sure you are capturing emails and promoting these amazing deals as soon as possible!


It should come as no surprise that influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, it is anticipated to be bigger than ever in Q4.

If you are able to partner with an influencer to promote your brand or product, you absolutely should consider it.

Doing so helps buyers trust in the product or service more, and can build the foundation for long-term collaborations.

If you, yourself, are an influencer (we see you, gorgeous!), then consider cashing in on that brand ambassador offer — and remember, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills!

5. 💿UX/UI

User Experience and User Interface is going to be bigger than ever as we ramp up to 2023.

This industry is absolutely BOOMING and people are more and more interested in the user experience of their potential customers.

What does it mean for you?

Make sure your website is user-friendly and optimized with mobile-first in mind. If a great product exists on a non-functional landing page, does it make a sound?

No, it doesn’t.

Need a third-party point of view to determine if your website is user-friendly?

Consider a website audit.

💥Feel like you need a CRASH COURSE on the next wave of digital trends? Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT and we will help you carry your strategy into the future.

Astro-Forecast for the week of October 4, 2022:


Take a deep sigh of relief, gorgeous. We are finally out of the woods with Mercury retrograde. Try your best to incorporate any lessons you’ve learned over the past month or so, but know you can move forward with less trepidation now — so book that trip, cut your hair, sign a contract! The world is your oyster.

🌞💘 The Sun Conjunct Venus

This lovey-dovey conjunction could hit the pleasure centers of your brain hard this week — we love that! Just be careful to focus more on self-love and balancing work/life balance, rather than making BIG, permanent decisions (like a tattoo) because you might be wearing rose-colored glasses this week. Instead, channel that energy into engaging with your customers on a more personal level and treating your staff (or yourself!) to some appreciation gifts.

🌙💘 The Moon Trine Venus This transit is absolutely ideal for reflection and gratitude lists. Especially in your business, focus on the growth you’ve had and start scripting (aka manifesting!) about where you want to be by the end of the year.

🌙♃ The Moon Sextile Jupiter

This transit marks a WONDERFUL time for networking! Go to that entrepreneurial mixer or cocktail hour — you might make an important connection. Reach out to that brand you’ve been wanting to partner with. Bet on yourself, babe.

P.S. 🍁And remember, if you start to feel like you’re 🍁FALLING🍁 BEHIND….we got you!! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with me today!

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