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this is better than sweatah weathah

Let me tell you something!

The past couple of weeks may have been challenging for you.

I know they've been challenging for me.

There's constant changes going on in business and it can feel really shitty sometimes.

And to be fully honest, it can feel lonely at times because not everybody in your circle is going to understand the ups and downs of owning a business.

I have my own “I want to quit and move to a foreign country days” too.

When team members move on, or I get a big tax bill, or when a family member is sick all in the same week - it can feel like a lot.

But then I remember this is par for the course.

This is the exciting, exhilarating thing called owning a business.. constant change... but remember everything IS working out for you.

So here's what I want to encourage you with this week, gorgeous.

Don't. Give. Up.

Don't believe everything you see and hear on the news.

Don’t listen to naysayers or your own negative thoughts.

Keep your blinders on and keep going.

Stay consistent.

I am here to tell you that the worst thing you can do right now is give into the negative thinking that a doomsday is upon us.

It's the media's job to evoke fear inside of us.

And I believe that during challenging times, those that rise to the top are the ones who become the most successful.

So, if you stay the course and stay committed to your mission and your vision, that is the most important thing you can do right now.

With Lots of Love,


Okay, gorgeous, you’re in the final stretch!


You’ve come so far this year, and we aren’t going to let you slow your roll now.

You want to end the year strong — just like you journaled about when setting your goals for 2022 (where the heck did the friggin year go!?).

As we sip our cocoa (okay fine it’s still coffee), we want to give you our TOP TIPS for closing 2022 STRONG.

Here’s our TOP 5 MARKETING IDEAS to boost sales and get that end of the year push:


The holiday/end-of-year season is the perfect time to bundle your courses.

Re-organizing your offerings to provide a slight discount (the more you buy, the better the deal!) will encourage your customers to splurge on a package they might have otherwise passed over.

Think about it this way (keeping numbers simple for sake of example - we never said we were good at math)...

… if your courses are $100 each, but you create a bundle that includes 2 courses for $179, sure you might initially “lose money” by offering the discount.

But that is potentially $79 more dollars in your pocket than if the person only wanted to pay full-price for one course, which will more than make up for the difference.

PLUS, now they are in your vortex of awesome!

Make sure the items in a bundle are branded cohesively and complement one another.

Ideally, you want to ensure your clients know that if they were going to need to buy both courses anyway, why not get them at a discounted price?


Your sales page should be your biggest generator of conversions for your brand!

If your sales page is a measly list of offerings, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity for leads and conversions.

Your unique selling position needs to be crafted with lots of cinnamon on top.

A sales page with a simple list of services won’t cut it in today’s digital landscape, so make sure you’re on the cutting edge, instead of cutting yourself short.


Another effective end-of-year marketing push is a bonus offering!

This should be a low-effort, easily reproduced offering like a PDF one-sheet with tips or advice on a subject that people get as a freebie when they purchase a product or service!

You can even create a promo code and promote your bonus offering with a banner on your website.

Something as simple as “enter promo code FREEBIE with any purchase to get my exclusive [e-book] as a FREE GIFT at checkout” can be hugely effective in increasing sales.

4. BOGO SERVICES Similarly to a bonus offering, BOGO offerings can also entice customers to make a purchase.

BOGO stands for Buy One, Get One.

For example, Buy a month of X and get one free!

This allows a potential client major value and they stay in your funnel longer giving you more time to create brand loyalty.

Another option is a slight variation on BOGO, but is more like buy one, get something else awesome (BOG SEA??).

For example, Buy a Website Redesign and Get a Social Media Audit for free.

With this strategy, you are also creating a lead for the client to then purchase the secondary service (after the free audit, in this case).

This creates the opportunity for ongoing sales with minimal work on the front end to track down viable leads.


Lastly, a great tip for closing the year out strong is to offer exclusive promos.

Think of this almost in a social media giveaway format, but instead it’s a discount specifically for your Instagram followers that you don’t promote anywhere else.

This also makes your followers feel appreciated and is a small way to give back to them, while still closing sales.

Alternatively, you could include a discount code for your email newsletter subscriber list, and then post about the promotion on social media AFTER it ends.

Something along the lines of “want to get exclusive offers like this one? Make sure you sign up for my email newsletter so you don’t miss the next one!” will encourage people to sign up.

We’re so proud of how far you’ve come already this year, and we know you can MAKE THE MOST out of this final chapter. Book a call to come up with custom solutions for your brand today!

Astro-Forecast for the week of October 25, 2022:


Scorpio gets a bad rap, but it really shouldn’t! This is a beautiful transit, goddess. Take time today to set intentions to SEE THROUGH THE B.S. Scorpio is cunning and clever and deeply passionate, so this new moon is the perfect time to get really clear about the efficacy of your current business model, your methodology, and your MUSES. Make sure you embrace your unique gifts and bring your shadows up into the light, where they can bask in the beautiful glow.

🌞🌛 The Sun Conjunct The Moon

A new moon in Scorpio means it’s officially SCORPIO SEASON! The sun is also in the sign of Scorpio now, as we leave the flirty, romantic, sometimes flighty energy of Libra season behind and embrace her moody, broody — but omg, so effortlessly cool — older sister, Scorpio. Use this time to experiment with edgier offerings and be BOLD in your conviction of your undeniably talent and worth. Scorpio is anything but subdued.

🌙💘 The Moon Conjunct Venus This transit is absolutely ideal for reflection and gratitude lists. Especially in your business, focus on the growth you’ve had and start scripting (aka manifesting!) about where you want to be by the end of the year.

And remember, if you start to feel like you’re the one needing a little PUSH….we got you!! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with me today!

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