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This one thing will check 5 things off your to-do list.

Quick Tip. Re-purpose your content.

I often hear from clients that they have to write their social, write their blog, write their email, record their podcast, and on and on. <sad trombone sound>

When in reality they are all the same thing in different formats!!

Take your top performing social posts and turn them into your newsletter and blog posts.

Doing a live event. Film it. Use it for a new At Home Study Course product.

Doing a webinar? Find great 15-30 second clips of it and post to your social.

The possibilities are endless.

Don’t worry about it being the same thing in different places, if its really great content, it needs to be seen more than once.

Most likely the viewer skipped the email but read the blog, or saw the social but deleted the email. Remember... people consume information in different ways, give them the ability to choose how they want to consume.

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