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This increases your influence 🦄

I recently visited family in the pacific northwest.

If you've never been, 10/10 would highly recommend it!

The peace of the trees and the soothing nature of the beach was relaxing.

My 3 screaming, fighting nephews…ummm, not so relaxing (good thing they are friggin adorable and I love them).

I thought to myself, “business is like that sometimes.”

Sometimes it feels like a screaming room of small children with way too much sugar from grandpa, where you're like, how can I maintain the energy to take care of these precious beings all going in different directions?

And sometimes it feels like everything is in such alignment like a warm breeze on a beach.

My message to you today is for you to know that both are real and you will experience the two often, sometimes several times a day.

Stop thinking you have to have it all buttoned up and just keep creating. And, most importantly, get some help so there are more beach days than screaming kids day...catch my drift? XO!!

You might be in the habit of siloing your professional and personal lives, but these days, that line isn’t as clear as it used to be.

Doing so can even hurt your business. 😳 Now, you might be thinking… surely no one cares about my personal life.

However, consumers relate more to - and have even come to expect! - brands that are relatable, personable, and ultimately… human.

The days of cold, corporate jargon are long gone, and many business owners are struggling to find the balance between over-sharing and not sharing enough.

Here are some tips for making your business effortlessly you without oversharing (or dancing for likes):

  • Tell stories - storytelling is the most ancient form of human connection and it anchors a memory inside of people's brains to help them remember you (and more importantly, your business!).

  • Tie it in - everything you experience in your day-to-day relates to your business. You might be lying awake at night with certain insecurities or fears. You can share about those general topics without trauma dumping! It’s similar to the concept of - if you have a question or concern, chances are someone else does too.

  • Take an empathetic approach - put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. How are your offerings solving their problems, or making their lives easier? Is this a product or service you would pay your asking rate for? How is it landing in your body? Review from this point of view and make adjustments accordingly.

Fully stuck on how to not sound like an AI wrote your emails, website, sales funnel? You’re not alone! Book MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT to see how we can help you customize your content strategy for max lead generation.

Astro-Forecast for the week of August 29, 2022:

☀️ The Sun Enters Virgo 8/23

As the last glimmers of gold fade from leo season, we move into the always-practical Maiden sign of Virgo.

This week, give your workplace wardrobe a facelift - yes, even if that just means actually getting out of your pajamas (we call ‘em jam-jams).

You’ll thank yourself!

🌙 The Moon Conjunct Mercury

If you have any client meetings to schedule, schedule them for this week!

Communication is going to be more eloquent and clear than usual - dreamy and imaginative, even. This is the perfect time to pitch any larger than life ideas.

Just make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to say and definitely don’t wing it. A virgo would never!

🔥Mercury Trine Mars

With the preparation you did earlier this week, standing behind your pitches is going to be a breeze for you this week.

Take down any nay-sayers or doubts with the flick of your wrist - you know you got this.

💕Venus Opposed Saturn

This week remember “no”, when it comes to business, is really just a “not now.”

If it doesn’t feel like the right time to put your irons in the fire, set yourself a reminder to try again at a later date.

💕Venus Square Uranus

Take pleasure in the ordinary and mundane. How can you make your least favorite recurring task a bit … sexier? Do that thing!

And remember, if you don’t know where to start, book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with Jessica, one of your favorite humans!

Wishing you a magical week,

Jessica Krewson,

The Branding Oracle

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