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Okay, my lovely, there are 12. weeks. left. in 2022 😱

Did you realize that?!

That's just 84 days left in the year.

But so much can happen in 12 weeks!

So, so, so much.

So, I want you to realize that if you put out emails once a week, that's 12 more emails — that's 12 more touch points your potential clients can have with you.

If you put up five social media posts a week. That's 60 social media points touch you can have between now and the end of the year.

How many sales calls can you make in 12 weeks?

So many.

The level of opportunity left for you in the rest of 2022 is huge, huge, huge, huge, huge.

So I just want you to get excited!

Do not be afraid of there not being enough time left or that there's never a perfect time.

I've been there — I've rested on my laurels, I haven't moved forward on a project that I was really excited or passionate about, and I've let that newness and excitement of a new idea get away, so I want to reinvigorate you and reassure you that you can do it now!!

In 12 weeks, you can launch a new offer.

You can relaunch an old offer.

You can do so much in the next 12 weeks.

I totally understand what it feels like, but I just want to light that fire underneath you again, so you can finally stop delaying the result that you actually want in exchange for being comfortable!

You might have to push yourself, you might have to challenge yourself a little bit.

Don't delay the result that you say you want by staying comfortable or only doing what you've always done.

There's so much more you can do, especially if you have the right support around you.

And I am cheering you on 100%.

With Lots of Love,


🙊 Sometimes the work speaks for itself, but WOW… this is another level.

🖼 These pictures really are worth a thousand words.

🤯 These before and afters of some of our client work is blowing our minds, friends.

😳Want to hear our hot take?

🤔 Great branding and design WILL make you stand out among millions.

🛑 It will stop you in your tracks.

🍡 It sticks with you and compels you to share with you friends and colleagues.


🧵 Great branding and design blends seamlessly, effortlessly, into the lives of customers.

🫤 Feeling like … your brand is … fine?

BOSSLADY, we both know you weren’t born for fine.

🤩 You were born to STAND OUT.

🍾 So let us help you make your brand POP with effortless oomph that feels INTUITIVE and like the only obvious option to your customer.

Not following?? Let us show ya.

💆🏽‍♀️We helped one of our clients, Taja, take her hair care brand from this:

To this 😱😱😱:

🌟 You are not bottom shelf discount goods!! You are high-end, luxury and alluring... craveable!

Book MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT to see how we can give your brand marketing a major glow up.

Astro-Forecast for the week of October 11, 2022:

🌞👹 The Sun Trine Mars

This week is the perfect time to cross those pesky lingering items off of your to-do list. You’ll feel more motivated this week and more likely to get otherwise onerous tasks off of your plate. You might even feel a boost in energy this week - so it could be a good time to do a walk-and-talk meeting or cram a workout sesh in on your lunch!

🌞🪐 The Sun Trine Saturn

This week, to make the increase in motivation even better, you’re also going to feel more disciplined and organized. This might be the perfect time to do things like inventory or bookkeeping. Get up to date (and even ahead!) on these things and take advantage of the energy while you have it.

👄🌀 Mercury Opposed Jupiter

While you may be crushing task-mode this week, you might not have as much luck with the outside world. Focus on gathering your thoughts and keeping things light this week - if possible. No employee reviews this week, if you can, please! If you feel frustrated with the ways things are working out this week, try to meditate on it before blurting something out in a meeting or on a call.

Feeling like…run of the mill instead of like a MILLION BUCKS? ….we got you!! Book a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND CHAT with Jessica today!

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