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⏲️There IS enough time for it all! Here’s how...⏲️

Does it ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?

I feel that, so, so hard.

Managing your time throughout the week can be especially challenging when you’re juggling multiple projects and clients AND you set your own hours.

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

Here are 3 tips for using your calendar to maximize your time:

ONE: Block off time for literally everything!

It seems obvious - but this has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. Ever since I implemented this method my productivity has gone through the roof.

The basic concept is that you focus on ONE task at a time, and you block off the time on your calendar. During that time you commit to ONLY working on that task. All other distractions should be eliminated.

When you work for yourself and run a company there are always many things competing for your time and attention.

Your calendar is now your boss.

HINT: always block off more time than you think you will need. If you get done early - use that time to step away from the madness and do something you enjoy...

This will tell your brain that there is a great reward for when you follow your calendar and are efficient.