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social media is weird 🙄

Have you ever spent hours on one Instagram post for it to receive almost no engagement, and then you impulsively post something that took you two seconds and it takes off like hotcakes?

Social media is weird, and it can seem like a mystery as to why some posts do well and others don’t.

The number one mistake I see people make on social media is that they focus too much on what the numbers mean… how many followers do I have? How many likes did this post get?

Of course, there’s a reason why you care. Social media curates a following of people who are more likely to actually be interested in your services and products. It’s like your little corner of the internet where all your people are virtually high-fiving you.

The question is… what do you do with all of those eyeballs on your product or service?

If you’re not taking the right steps to present a coherent brand image and give followers a clear call to action, over and over again, then all the #followers in the world won’t convert to more sales.

If you are just chasing trends that are inauthentic to your brand vision, then guess what? You are building the wrong audience that won't convert.

Hitting the like or follow button is the lowest commitment action someone can take.

Once they’ve done that, are you making it easy for them to continue saying yes to you? If you’re not providing wicked good value and including a strong call to action – then you are leaving potential customers on the table.

Remember... Social media is just one piece of your larger marketing strategy and its a long game approach.

You need to have a strong, coherent presence not just on social – but on your website, emails, and any other content you put out. You need to make it easy for people to say YES to you, over and over again.

At DESIGNKREW, we specialize in creating a holistic and comprehensive marketing strategy… and then just doing the whole dang thing for you, so you can kick your feet up and focus on innovation, influence, and leadership.

Let’s get on a call and talk about how we can convert your followers into customers.

Talk to you soon!

Jessica and the DESIGNKREW

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