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refresh and renew your brand

Anyone else obsessed with the start of Spring? It’s my favorite.

Old things are swept away and new potentials are blooming everywhere.

Plus, I LOVE flowers. Slightly obsessed. Might be a problem.

Anywho... guess what?

Just like the transformations outside, Spring is the perfect time to refresh your brand. Here are three steps to renew and refresh your brand:

  1. Does your brand spark that YES! OO LALA feeling inside? Take a look at all the aspects of your brand, from your imaging down to the packages and services you provide. Ask yourself: Are you excited about your colors? Are your images representing your lewk? Is this service really what you want to be doing? It can be a bummer to realize you’ve been giving energy to things that no longer align, but don’t worry – April showers bring May flowers! Now for step 2... So.

  2. Spring cleaning! You guessed it – everything that you’ve identified as not serving your brand vision….throw it away! Even if you’re not a minimalist, it’s all about getting rid of the old to make way with the new. Book that next photoshoot. Refresh the colors, narrow it down to 4-8 colors, 3 fonts. And phase out the offers that no longer make you giddy. It’s time girl, you go this!! Some Spring creativity will creep in once you’ve gotten rid of the uninspiring!

  3. Renew and blossom. Now that you’ve gained clarity on what serves your brand and have set aside what doesn’t work, it’s time to fill in the spaces with fresh ideas! Take your inspiration from nature or wherever your happy place is. How can you keep the fire going in your brand? What are you most excited about offering? Trust where your intuition leads you. Then take one step to make your vision a reality.

What are you inspired to create this spring? Comment and let me know – I love keeping the conversation going!

P.S. A certain somethin’ somethin’ is coming. Can you guess what it is? Stay tuned for deets next week!

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