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Are you worried about repeating yourself too much?

Listen, you started building your brand because you have a message you want to share with the people.

You want your audience to hear your message, and say YES to what you’re all about.

So stop worrying about repeating yourself, because you need to say the same things multiple times before people get the message.

Even Paul Rudd wants you to say it again!

Listen to Paul Rudd. #swoon

On average, it takes about 6-7 interactions with a brand for people to start remembering that brand.

By interactions, I mean Instagram posts, emails, ads. Any instance of your brand being on their screen.

But the thing is, if you’re saying a different thing or your brand presents visually different every time… there’s no way they’ll remember who you are.

The trick to getting people to not only remember your brand, but know exactly what you stand for, is to repeat yourself.

That means recycling the same ideas on your newsletter and on your Instagram post. Or breaking down your blog into smaller ‘Gram posts.

Because remember – they might not even see it the first time, won’t remember it the second time, and won’t process it the third time, either.

So even though you’ve been living with your message for weeks now and feel like a broken record, every post has the potential to be the first time someone is reading your ideas.

Here’s me, giving you permission to repeat yourself.

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