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❗No vacay for your marketing❗

It’s starting to look a lot like… FINALLY some days off, tasty holiday food, and less screen time.

While you and your team are winding down for the upcoming holiday season, it’s tempting to slow everything down.

BUT there is one employee on your team that shouldn’t be taking a break AT ALL and his name is Mark E. Ting... get it... your MARKETING.

I repeat... Now is NOT the time to wind down your marketing.

During the holidays people have more time off, and the number one thing people will do to avoid awkward family encounters or eating another gooey dessert is scroll through social media. Or use the “I have to check on some emails” trick to excuse themselves from an overload of togetherness.

This means that the holidays are when your audience not only is more likely to see your marketing presence, but they’re most likely to click on links, engage with your posts, and do some research on if you align with their values or not.

So make sure you’ve got your emails and social posts prescheduled, and consider increasing your visibility for the next coming weeks.

Now is when your audience starts dreaming about services and items they want for the BIG 2022, so make sure they see YOU.

Being visible is the first step, but the best holiday marketing will speak to your audience’s hopes and dreams for their future.

Do they want 2022 to be the year they finally get their skincare routine sorted?

Is the upcoming year the time where they’ll finally invest in some coaching?

Will this be the year they get their life in order?

Not sure how to reach your audience on this deeper level? I’d love to help you start thinking about how to reach your audience so that your brand can make a bigger impact and your bottom line can grow!

Schedule a chat with me, and let your marketing work hard while you’re away.

Happy winter festivities!


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