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I'm not perfect (and neither are you)

Oy that fear.... that at any moment someone’s going to call you out and tell you that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Meet the darkside of the moon: Imposter syndrome.

A.K.A the nagging voice in your head saying silly things like: You’re not good enough. You don’t have enough experience. Your voice and message isn’t valuable. Better quit now before they throw tomatoes at you. They are judging you.

Wanna make a pact with me? Let’s silence this annoying voice once and for all.

The truth is, your voice IS valuable. Proof: you’re alive and kickin’.

It’s YOU, YOUR ENERGY that makes your brand oh-so-delicious. You have to get this down in your cells...because if you don’t, then neither will your audience.

It’s not about being perfect, not even about being close to perfect. Just be YOU.

This pesky ‘imposter syndrome’ has got to end. To share your imperfections, your questions, to know your value and your worth... instead of hiding!

You have the opportunity to connect to your peeps and let them know you are in their corner.

I’ll go first: I really struggle to go live on social sometimes. I have to jump up and down and shake it out. I feel like no one will ‘get’ my goofy energy or that I’ll get stuck on what to say or how to convey my idea in a way that makes sense.

What are some imperfections you have?

P.S. Wanna see my goofy side? Go here to join me live every Monday at 11am with more cheeky, fun, branding tips and tricks!

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