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Hate the techy stuff?

When it comes to execution of anything web based, I get really overwhelmed easily and stop before I even start,” one of my clients declared! Can you relate? I feel you gurl!

Delegate that ‘ish OUT! I might sound angry here so be warned. YOU do not need to do EVERYTHING. In fact you can’t. If you are wondering why your business isn’t growing and why you feel burnt out its because you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing.

I get it. I did this for a long time. I had all the excuses you can possibly imagine. I can’t, how will I lead, I need an assistant to help me hire an assistant, the money it will cost, the time it will take to train, what if I go through the whole thing and after 1 month they jump ship.

But let me tell you...

When I gathered freelancers all of a sudden I didn’t feel chained to my computer.

When I hired my assistant it was like the clouds opened up and I felt sunshine on my face again.

I had been burned in the past, I had hired some not so great people and I had hemorrhaged money trying to make them be dedicated to my business in ways they were...NOT.

It was kind of painful.

But I promise you, promise you, promise you... if you take the time to hire the RIGHT person and do it the RIGHT way, you can find someone eager, self-motivated, and happy to work the right amount of hours and in the same way that makes sense for both of you. How cool is that.

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