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Get Over Your Fear of Going Live!!

Not knowing what to say, fear that people won’t be interested… Whatever reason you have for not going live… it ain’t it.

Your audience WANTS to hear what you have to else are they going to know what you’re all about? You DO have interesting things to say. And it’s a beautiful thing when you show up as authentically you.

Listen, I get it. I used to be terrified of going live. I thought – no one gives two hoots about what Ii have to say. Nor do they want to see the quirky, goofy me with my funny faces and my, let’s face it, dad jokes.

But when I looked at the entrepreneurs in my life that were the most successful and that I loved following, I noticed that they went live, a lot.

So I bit the bullet and jazz hands my way to the go live button. And guess what?

Y’all loved it.

In fact, a recent (totally goofy) reel of mine WENT VIRAL and I got over 137K views!!! Check it out. Maybe more at the time you read this.

And more importantly, I’m more aligned with my brand than ever!! And it’s because I’m showing up as my real self around you.

So what can you do to get over your fear of going live?:

  1. Talk to ONE PERSON. Instead of feeling like you are addressing millions, talk to 1 person!! Think of one of your ideal clients and talk to them directly. Remember, no one is on the socials with 100s of people behind them. There is no “hey guys” it’s “hey you!”

  2. Start with Instagram stories. They disappear in 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about messing up. Get comfortable in front of the camera.

  3. Have someone else press the button. When I’ve been scared to post something I’ve literally made someone on my team press send or had a friend around to cheer me on and press the go live button. You don’t have to do this alone.

  4. More times equals less fear. I know it doesn’t seem useful, but I promise you, there’s no better way to get comfortable with going live than just doing it. And doing it again. .

What are you going to do TODAY to get over your fear of going live?

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