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Episode 5: Get Over Your Fear of Going Live

Have you ever had the fear of going live? On the Gram, in the Facebooks, maybe even recording a podcast being interviewed, being in the public eye? I totally freaking get it. Like what am I going to say? What if they’re not interested. I've said it all before. What’s the new thing? It’s already been done….blah blah blah

Whatever the reason you have for not going live - it’s no excuse! It’s no excuse!

Your audience needs to hear what you have to say. Wants to hear what you have to say. How else are they going to know what you’re all about, and all the mad skills you have to share with them if you don’t?

Self-proclaimed introvert here! I’m not saying it’s easy. I was always behind the scenes helping my clients, writing their video scripts, writing their emails. Not the one in front of the camera or the microphone. It was a big fat resistance and no from me.

I share what I did to get pumped up for today’s recording, and I want you to do whatever it takes for you to get excited to show up live too. I’m going to give you some tips to get over this fear. Because I get it, it’s no joke. It’s another form of public speaking and you’re wondering what the heck you’re going to say. But I’m inviting you to show up as you!

Check out the full episode to hear all my other tips that will get you showing up live in no time!

Key points discussed:

Your audience needs to know what you have to say (01:23)

Self-proclaimed introvert here! (02:08)

How can you get over this fear of going live? Tip#1 (03:52)

Tip #2 (06:15)

My all-time favorite tip (07:13)

Your voice and experience, everything you’ve went through will be helpful for your audience (09:51)

Your assignment (10:53)

I’d love to know your main takeaways from this episode. Screenshot and tag me on Instagram @designkrew If you haven’t already follow the Brand On Fire podcast, leave a rating and review, and tune in every week to get your dose of branding magic!

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