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Episode 27: Scripting for Success

Are you ready to find out what makes a brand stand out and become alluring?

I am so excited to talk to you about what it takes to create an alluring brand, a craveable brand!

You were born here at his time as a woman in the United States with so much freedom, so much possibility! What do you want to do with it?

I don’t want your beautiful self to spend your last days on planet earth thinking, “I shouldn’t have spent so much time caring what other people thought of me. I shouldn’t have invested so much of my time and energy trying to appease all the people around me.”

Don’t stay in some sort of element that’s not you!

Let’s not wait until our last days to understand that we aren’t here to please the masses.

We are here to find our true and authentic selves.

So what happens when you wake up and you’re not feeling it? That’s where I clear the debris out of the way, get my mind right and start my scripting.

Did you know you’re already running a script. “I can’t do it. This is gonna be hard. Why did he say this? Why did she say that?”

If you’re running a script anyway, why not run one that works for you??

And I’m not only teaching you how to script in a way that works for you but there is one very specific part that is KEY to allowing yourself to start creating the life you really want.

And the best part - use this for everything! Not just your business!

You will definitely want to grab a pen and paper to take notes today. I will be giving you a ton of juicy, juicy stuff.

Key Points Discussed:

Intro into creating an alluring brand (01:00)

One of my favorite exercises to get my mind right! (03:16)

Intro to scripting (12:40)

The key part to scripting success (22:25)

My personal experience (24:53)

Write in the present tense (25:47)

My clients scripting success story (27:18)

You can check out our podcast interviews on YouTube, too!

I’d love to know your main takeaways from this episode. Screenshot and tag me on Instagram @jessicalynnco If you haven’t already follow the Brand On Fire podcast, leave a rating and review, and tune in every week to get your dose of branding magic!

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