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emergency landing in Austin, yikes!

Have you ever had a moment where you were you thought “this could be my last!”

Last week I was flying back from Miami, and all of the sudden the plane hit some crazy turbulence. Turbulence happens, so I wasn’t worried...

But then... we were told that we are rerouting to Austin for an emergency landing due to some problems.

They told us nothing else. Everyone one was using that free wifi to connect with their loved ones. It was one of those litmus tests where you take a life evaluation. I looked honestly and thought I’ve had a really good one AND there is definitely more I am excited about.

In the end, the plane was completely fine: The turbulence was just turbulence, and our Austin reroute wasn’t caused by the plane itself but by a passenger that had caused a scene.

Despite that crazy trip home... Miami was beautiful and so much fun!

My gold nugget from that sitch: Whatever is you want to go create.. Do it. Live fully! Don’t hesitate because you really never know!

And... even though you don’t need to have an emergency landing, your everyday life can be used as your brand messaging.

You are never at a loss for content because you can share what is going on with you as it relates to your business.

If you're a health coach... share the healthy meals you prepped for the week or the fact that you wanted to skip the meal prep this week and THATS OKAY TOO.

If you're a life coach... share how you were out in the garden and it reminded you of how just as there are seasons in nature there are seasons of growth.

If you’re a beauty consultant... share how you make a point of putting on makeup every day even as a busy mom, because it keeps that allure alive and makes you feel good.

These are just examples, but you get the idea...

I know one thing for sure...Today is YOUR day!

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