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Down with USP? yah you know me!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


I can't reveal much now, but we are working with a brand that uses the magical ingredient of pomegranate. It's been a dream of our agency for months now to work with a beauty brand. And voila we are!

My personal love for the beauty industry dates back to my very first job... I used to manage a beauty supply store through high school and college. I loved learning about the products, the ingredients, the impact, and saw how happy it made people to take care of themselves.

This beauty brand’s angle is the benefits of pomegranate and that is perfect for sensitive skin.

Which makes me wonder, do you know your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION?

  • What are the KEY one or two things that are unique to your brand?

  • Are you using those elements in all your branding and marketing?

  • Really get clear on this. Write it down and use it in ALL your marketing.

Feel free to email me at and share your thoughts with me.

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