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Both are true...Keep going but without the pressure.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


Both are true.

I’ve noticed this buzz or pressure to make sure to “make the most” of this time and launch the thing, learn a language, paint a masterpiece, do the thing you’ve been waiting on.

AND that this is a crazy, uncomfortable time. To be gentle on yourself.

Both are true. Yes, there is no reason to stop living and running your business successfully. You creating and serving your clients is more important than ever. You are being asked to bring excellence and to course correct. AND to take the time to release pressure, feel good about where ever you are, and most importantly to stay healthy.

Both are true. So do what you know to do...

Keep connecting with your clients.

The 3 best ways to connect with your audience right now are:

  1. social media

  2. email marketing

  3. video conferencing (via IG Lives, FB Lives, ZOOM meetings).

If you do those 3 things consistently, you can continue to be a HUGE resource for your audience.

Last thought... WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED on a free mini-training on how to keep building and selling (without being insensitive) during these interesting times? IF YES, simply reply YES to this email and I will create something for you.

Sending big virtual hugs!

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