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🖼️3 tips for better reels🖼️

So you thought you could just get away with static posts and some stories of those static posts?

Sorry, but the future is the video (killed the static post star)!

Reels have exploded in popularity in the past couple of years, and for good reason – reels are pushed to everyone, not just to your followers. This means more exposure, more engagement, and ultimately better results.

Instagram has already begun experimenting with Reel-first presentation on the app, so if you’re not already on the reel bandwagon, then consider this your personal invitation.

Here are 3 trends to help you create eye-catching reels, so you’re not looking at your feed like:

  1. Later, gator: Later isn’t just the most useful app for scheduling your Instagram posts – they also have a great blog with tons of content on how to win at social media. One of the coolest things they do is post all of the hottest reel trends that week. It’s great for when you’re feeling uninspired and just want to hop on that hype train. Check it out here:

  2. The algorithm is your FRIEND: The video algorithm that shows you “related” videos is getting more and more sophisticated. This doesn’t mean you’re pleasing the machine, but it does mean that your reels should be more personalized, and just a little more niche. You want to make sure it’s clear what audience your reels are targeting, and what interests they connect with.

  3. Shop your ❤️ out: As with all of Instagram, social media commerce is growing like never before. Not only can people buy products featured in stories and static posts, but now they can buy items featured in reels. This is a great opportunity for my eCommerce companies out there. P.S. Some of the best reels are behind-the-scenes content!

Not sure how to chase these trends while marketing a brand image that’s fresh and distinctive? Hi, let’s talk. The Krew and I are at the ready to help take you there.

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