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Episode 18: Visualize Your Way to Success

This is one of my favorite topics! Because contrary to popular belief, working harder, struggling, putting in more hours, putting more things on your to-do list, are not the things that actually make you successful.

It’s so much about your energy more than anything else!

If you’re coming to the table needy, greedy, and wanting money more than anything else, whatever is happening between your two temples, will dramatically affect your success.

So, in today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing with you what I do to help visualize my way to success!

Whenever I do these certain things, I notice an uptick in my followers. I notice an uptick in my revenue. I notice more people are interested in what I'm talking about. It is uncanny, unreal, weird, creepy, magical, wonderful - you decide the word you want to use!

All of our desires, everything we want to do is ultimately because of the way we think it will make us feel. So why not feel that way now? Wayne Dyer says “Instead of you’ll believe it when you see it, you’ll see it when you believe it.” The more and more you can get yourself mentally, emotionally into the vision of what you want to create, the easier and easier it will become to create that reality.

In today’s episode, I’m also giving you the science that backs this up, too. Because yes, it IS possible to rewire the brain!

Think this sounds like a lot of work? You’re doing it already! You’re manifesting already! You’re visualizing already! So why not do it in a way that helps you rather than hurts you?

Key Points Discussed:

How your brain works (02:45)

How to put the right energy into your visualization (04:53)

The science behind it (08:00)

You’re doing it already! (12:00)

What about when it gets hard? (13:01)

Resources Mentioned:

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