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💃 do this when nothing is working… 💃

What do you do when nothing is working anymore?

I'm a type A, must have everything on my calendar and organized kind of gal, so when something wasn’t working I used to…

Buckle down and keep trying harder. I pushed and kept going.

OR I would avoid the problem all together and move on to the next idea, with no larger plan in place.

So I get it, .

But what I learned is that if you are not creating magic within your brand’s signature energetics, then it will fall flat.

What the heck do I mean!?

Your signature energetics are those vibes when you walk in a room, or write that social post, and everyone turns their head to look.

Where your audience whispers to themselves, "Is she talking directly to me!!"

The thing you do that gives people the chills and has them saying YES MA’AM!


If you are not in the frequency energetics of your brand... If you're sending an email, if you're writing a post, if you're doing a reel and you feel like poo-poo, guess what? It's going to be received like poo-poo. So the next time you sit down to write an email to your audience, or write that social media post, or do a reel and you are SIMPLY NOT FEELING IT… Do NOT power through. Take a step back, go for a walk, sip on some tea. And remember why you’re doing this. Let your intuition guide you, and live in your intention, not your expectations. Expectation is I need to make a sale. Expectation is 100 people are going to open this email and read it. Expectation is we're going to make this much in revenue this month. And I'm not saying those things are bad or should not be considered in your business. Absolutely, 100% they should. What I'm saying is the energy and the intention you put behind it is far more important than the tactic in and of itself. Lastly, you're not even scared of what other people think. You’re scared of what will you discover underneath all those layers that you've been using to protect yourself from what it is that you really actually want to be doing, what you actually want to be sharing. You're hiding. Here is my permission slip so you can stop hiding and step out fully into yourself. To start leading from your brand energy. YOU are forever my reason why, Jessica P.S. For all my love leaders out there who have been growing over the past few years… I know how hard it can be to take your business to the next level when you feel like your impact is stunted. Join other inspirational ladies looking to have more influence, make a greater impact, and increase sales. Schedule a chat and I’ll tell you all about it.

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