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can you commit to just one brand? stop swiping right on your brand and business

Happy Monday, !

I’ve been loving all the comments coming in about the Brand Archetype Quiz (Woohoo!), and so many peeps are telling me, “But Jessica! Your quiz is spot on and I def see the Sweet Power in me, but I can also see myself as a Natural Chic gal!”

Girl, me too.

I am the Femme Luxe Archetype, and while I don’t disagree with the result at all, I always found that I vibe well with many of the other archetypes as well.

So what gives? Can your brand be more than one Brand Archetype?

It’s not that you can’t have elements of other Archetypes, but the point of pushing you into just ONE BRAND direction is that it helps you understand what you’re MOST in alignment with.

Your brand isn’t just an image – it’s a story and a feeling and an energy OH MY!

And you want to make sure you’re telling the right story. YOUR story.

SO THAT you attract the RIGHT CLIENTS that will resonate with YOU and your gifts.

You gotta dig deep and find that ONE thing you want to shout from the rooftops for everyone to hear.

Then, it's easy to commit to a brand because there is nothing to commit to... authenticity requires no commitment. Catch my drift?

And then all the fun and pretty visuals will naturally align with that core message. Suddenly you’ll see a coherent and irresistible brand taking shape right before your eyes – and it’s YOUR brand.

Can I get an OO LALA!

So get to soul searching my magical creationist friend, and make something magical this week!

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