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release pressure


I want you (and myself) to RELEASE PRESSURE.

We can still have deadlines AND release that white knuckle grip.

So if you have tension in your shoulders, neck, belly...

Let go, breathe into those places and let go of perfection, have-to, "shoulds", performance, keeping up.

Make it easy, not hard.

Even though we have been taught that more, better, faster is the way to get ahead. It is false.

Relax and allow. Much more will come to you and with much greater ease (and fun!).

I want this for you.

A Drop the Pressure Exercise.

  • Take 5 minutes to write out everything going on in your head. It could be anything from this person is upsetting you, you're worried about money, all the way down to where did you put that button from your favorite shirt last week. Big/small doesn't matter.

  • DON'T READ THIS UNTIL YOU'VE DONE STEP ONE. Now that you have everything out of your mind. Take a deep breath. Ahhhh. Go back through your page cross out anything you have no control over. For example the way someone feels about you or something that is in the past. Circle anything that you can change. For example, writing that email to your client. Telling your husband you love him. If you aren't certain, put a line through it.

  • Put a STAR next to the 3 things that would make you feel WONDERFUL. Like if you got to the end of your day and finished these 3 things... you'd feel amazing. Do those 3 things.

  • After you do those 3 things - feel REALLY good about yourself. This is the most important step.

Feel free to repeat this tomorrow!

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