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don’t forget to this in the next couple of days....

Are you feeling a little sleepy? Don’t forget you are not excluded from the rhythm of things. And right now we are in the shortest days of the year. Hibernation is really a thing!

Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate later this week or holidays are over for you already, there’s no denying that this next week is meant for going inward, rest and rejuvenation.

I know things might look a little different this year. You might be staying home when you normally travel. You might be missing friends and family. Me too.

All I know is that I’m going to take full advantage of the slow pace to recharge.

The slow down is just as important as being productive. You can never give from an empty cup.

There is no right or wrong way for this, just do what brings you the most joy. My plans are simple but make me happy.

Here is what I plan to do...

  • Light the fire and cozy up next to hubby

  • Lots of bubble baths with epsom salts

  • Maybe we will scoot out of town to a cabin up north, what do you think?

  • Cooking some new healthy but hearty recipes

  • An abundance of naps

  • Watch Corgi videos on YouTube (I am currently manifesting a puppy. haha)

  • Calling my family and friends to laugh - a lot.

  • Journaling and reflecting all my big wins for 2020 - there are so many! - do you want to know them?

  • A massage

  • Long walks in nature (the weather is crisp here in California, but not too cold!

Email me at with your plans, I’d love to know!

Even if you just take one day for renewal, you’ll wake up on January 2nd relaxed, refreshed, and excited for your next big adventures!

Wishing you and yours the Happiest of holidays!

P.S. Speaking of BIG ADVENTURE.

Next week I’m announcing something SUPER special. It will be free and the exciting kick in the pants you’ll need to start 2021 RIGHT. Keep your eyes peeled!

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