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polish your brand with these 3 steps

If you know me at all... you know that I love LOVE. I had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day with my husband! We laughed and ate... two of my favorite things to do. And if you know my husband, he is always making me giggle.

Whether you were with your love or solo yesterday, I hope you had love in your heart over this past weekend (and always)!

Speaking of love... I also want you to keep falling in love with your brand and your businesses more and more every week.

Here are 3 MORE things you can start doing NOW to feel those magical butterflies in your brand and business again...

1. Same Colors, Logo, Images: People will remember you by your brand aesthetic. Some will even remember the image of the post from 3 months ago, but not your name! That's how important a consistent color and image palate is to your brand. It can be tempting to have ALL the pretty things, but you gotta be consistent.

2. Be Active + Visible: Show up. Show your face. I think our vision has been skewed about online presence. You used to walk into a networking room. You. Your face. Your body. You didn’t send a meme in or an infographic to the networking meeting. It was you and your face. Do the same thing now, but online. Show yourself. Post a picture, go live, do reels, make videos. We have all the tech to do so at our fingertips. It's never been easier. ⁠

3. Develop Your Brand Voice: An irresistible brand isn’t just about the visuals, it’s also about the language that you use (and don’t use). It’s about how you speak to your people. Look at all the copy on your website, emails, or any other promotional material you’ve created. What words and phrases do you use a lot? Is there an opportunity to use a unified theme to name your services and offerings? (Hint: You’ll notice I went heavy on the light and fire theme for my recent programs)

Have you already been putting these tips into action? Not sure where to start?

Make sure you join my private Brand Glow Up Facebook Group where I go live every Monday at 11am PST to give you more of the moment tips to maximize your brand and business.

ANNNNDDD you get to connect with other amazing women like yourself who are here to GLOW-UP and join the Brand Glow Up Facebook Group to receive even more weekly inspo!

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