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how I grew my list 264% in less than 6 weeks

I am going to say something to you that I’ve said a million times... but its worth repeating:

Only YOU know what’s right for you.

Here is how I know this to be true.

I grew my list 264% in the last two months…

In the middle of an election, when everyone was distracted.

In the middle of the holidays, when everyone was distracted.

In the middle (still!) of a pandemic, when everyone continued to be distracted.

Sure, I had people telling me to hold off until after the election so my ads would do better. And then to wait until after the holidays…

But I knew what was right for me. I trusted my intuition...

I created something FUN that I wanted to create, that I myself enjoyed and I put it out there.

The Brand Archetype Quiz let people put worries aside for a moment, engage in a fun way, AND receive targeted and useful feedback that they could implement in their brands right away.

You are likely reading this email because you took the quiz, so THANK YOU.

The moral of the story?

When you’re lit up from within about creating something, then DO IT.

Strategies and tactics are important, but creating from your inner knowing is ALSO a strategy (and it’s the best one).

Want to be more “tapped in” to what that inner knowing is?

It’s not too late to join Your Brand Glow Up Party, a free 5-day experience to discover the foundation of your personal brand: YOU. The party starts today, so join the guest list now!

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