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from yawn-ville to instantly recognizable

Some of the most successful brands have one thing in common – they are INSTANTLY recognizable.

Honesty check... is your brand as instantly recognizable?

A sure fire way to create brand recognition is consistent colors your ideal audience is obsessed with.

The bigwigs that look at the numbers say...

Sticking with the same colors boosts brand recognition by up to 80%.

Don’t look at me, it’s science.

Why should you care?

MAGICAL butterfly, YOU MUST care because there is so much NOISE, you gotta establish presence through color.

SO even if your newbies don't know your exact offer or even your name, they’ll be like oh the one with the pink and gold!!

Catch my drift?

Don’t take offense to this. It’s just how people need to know to stop the scroll right when they land on your beautiful brand, my lovely.

By having a strong brand color scheme, it’s like you’re waving a <insert your brand colors here> flag saying CHECK IT OUT!

Which will get your people to pay attention.

I’ve said it before – brand consistency = brand trust.

When you have the same colors on your website, your instagram, your sales pages, etc., your clients will trust that you’ve got your ish together.

When you stay consistent with your colors, you’re tying your message to your brand’s visual identity, so your people can instantly trust that they know what you’re about.

Having a hard time deciding? Choose one or two main colors, and play around with your accent colors. See what works best. Just remember to be consistent.

What are your brand colors?

I LOVE to see a good mood board, so don’t be shy, hit reply!

And if you are looking to magnifying your brand sign up NOW for a FREE call to clarify your brand vision and next level strategy.

We’re going to map out your game plan to amplify impact and sales to create a brand your audience never stops craving.

You’re going to learn from a woman who is the real deal and has personally worked with hundreds of students and clients online.

The ROI and results speak for themselves.

This call will be luscious for you, lovely.

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