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✨feelings = ⬆️ sales

I want to talk to you about feelings... No, we haven't turned into a self-help company.

This is branding baby!

Ask yourself... What feelings do you want your brand to evoke in your customers?

Of course, you want them to be interested, and engaged, but what do you want them to FEEL? When they engage with your brand... do they feel understood, like they belong, inspired, relieved, transported, soothed, full of possibility, or certain?

The reality is that buying something is a highly emotional experience. There’s a reason why marketing and psychology have been best buds since the Mad Men days.

To really put the ol’ razzle dazzle on your clients, you need to tap into the emotional core of what they want and… you guessed it… convey that in every little nook and cranny of your marketing.

We talked last week about the importance of your brand positioning statement. You want to position your brand using a few differentiating words.

Is your brand carefree? Then you’ll want to use colors and words that’ll feel easy, breezy, and beautiful. See what I did there? “Easy, breezy, beautiful” is CoverGirl's brand positioning statement, and you feel it in all their ads.

If you’re in the financial sector, on the other hand, you might want your clients to feel secure, and confident. Dark, bold colors and clear, concise language will go a long way in conveying these emotions.

Let’s do a little exercise: As you may or may not know, our website just got a major makeover moment. We love that for her.

Take a peek at our website. What feelings does it bring for you? Hit reply and let me know. I’d LOVE to know what you think!


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