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Episode 11: You Are a Walking Billboard

You are a brand.

We get into the specifics of what that means in today’s episode!

A lot of people think Apple’s a brand, and Nike’s a brand. But it’s stuff, it’s things. But in personal branding, you are a walking, breathing, billboard for your brand.

What you put out into social media, your emails, the way you look and dress, it’s all a reflection of your brand!

This isn’t about perfectionism or pushing ideals upon you as a woman. It’s not about being perfect, perfect, perfect. But you now have to move into the space of you are a living, being, walking billboard for your brand.

This isn’t about spending the money. You don’t have to have on the Gucci to make the statement. It’s about just looking polished and coming with inner confidence. Especially for my introverts out there, it just makes you feel better and that confidence and that presence gets exuded outward. And then people respond!

And, you never know who you will meet when you go to grab your next coffee. It could be your future boyfriend, husband, client, whoever. Who knows? Why not set yourself up for success and put in the extra 2% effort to make yourself represent your brand.

This will really, really help you across the board!

Key Points Discussed:

What being a brand is all about (01:00)

What my trip to Italy taught me (02:27)

We are living in the day and age of personal branding (05:07)

I’d love to know your main takeaways from this episode. Screenshot and tag me on Instagram @designkrew If you haven’t already follow the Brand On Fire podcast, leave a rating and review, and tune in every week to get your dose of branding magic!

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