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create a brand obsession

Recent studies show that up to 89% of customers connect with brands that share the same values as them.

Putting your values front and center is what will help you grow as a brand AND attract your ideal clients towards you.

One of the things I teach first in the Brand on Fire program is to get down to what makes a business tick. What is at its core, is what makes a business and a brand operate authentically.

Once you know your values, you can use them as pillars to guide your future growth, what partnerships you make, what clients you onboard, and what team members you hire.

Brand values are kind of a big deal, grasshoppah!

So how do you figure yours out and/or refine them?

*note: this is an evolving process, just like you! So please evaluate your brand values every so often*

Ask yourself (and possibly your leadership team) these questions:

❤️ What do we stand for?

❤️ What do we want infused into everything we do?

❤️ How do we want our audience to remember an experience with us?

❤️ What does our everyday evoke in ourselves, in our audience, and in the world?

Brand values typically come down to 3 to 5 small phrase descriptions.

For example... Our core brand values are:

  1. Positive YES Mentality.

  2. Loving & Playful

  3. Growth Minded

  4. Commitment to Excellence & Beauty

Knowing these values will make it easier to do EVERYTHING.

It really is the nucleus of a business that makes it powerful and what all decisions are based from and how problems are solved.

Once someone connects with you at the brand values level, they’ll want to be saying YES to everything you’re offering!! So exciting.

Magnifying your brand is where true freedom and expression begins. Apply NOW for a FREE call ☎️ to clarify your brand vision and next level strategy.

We’re going to map out your game plan to amplify impact and sales 🚀 to create a brand your audience never stops craving.

You’re going to learn from a woman who is the real deal and has personally worked with hundreds of students and clients online.

The ROI and results🎉speak for themselves.

This call will be luscious for you, lovely. 💋

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