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🧁 are you craving a yummy brand?

What’s up, buttercup?

This week I want to pour some sugar and spice and everything nice into your inbox, because you deserve some FUN after that bizarro week last week, amiright?

So pour yourself a comforting beverage (hot chai latte, anyone?) and let’s go.

Here’s a secret: Discovering your brand can be really FUN, because it’s all about spending time and sharing about things that are authentically you... the things that light you up!

Just last week I had an amazing evening with friends (so needed!) that helped me feel aligned with my brand archetype: Femme Luxe.

Want to know what your Brand Archetype is?

The dinner started off with a truly gourmet cheese plate, and we all sat around the table catching up. It had been AGES since we were able to safely get together and just be with each other.

We took our time as we moved on to the main course: A juicy NY strip steak, beautiful arugula fennel salad and my fave, ROASTED GARLIC BREAD!

As a Femme Luxe kind of gal, I’m in my element when surrounded by fine dining, good company, and amazing adventures. It’s not about luxury for luxury’s sake, but for the vibes that come with it.

So what does this have to do with your brand?

By being in your archetype’s element, you will realize what brings the best out in you – what brings you joy and inspiration so that you can do your best work.

A personal brand is like a well executed meal (can you tell I’ve got food on my mind?!). Every dish in the meal is fine on its own, but it goes from tasty to OMG I WANT MORE because it works perfectly with the dish that came before it, and the dish that will come after.

When your personal brand is in true alignment with who you are, every element – from the colors, to the messaging, to the website, to the marketing – shine in perfect harmony. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

If you want a perfectly aligned personal brand but aren’t sure where to start, take the Brand Archetype Quiz.

It’s fun, it’s pretty, and most importantly – it’s useful. Some are shocked at how accurate it is!!

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