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❤️3 content strategies for the likes❤️

So you’ve taken all of our advice on the best time to post on social media, and that time arrives... you open up Instagram and…

You’re stuck on what to post.

You think to yourself: Nothing I post gets likes anyway, or no one cares what I have to post.

Well, snap out of that mindset!

People go on social media for a lot of different reasons: A few minutes to zone out while scrolling, the opportunity to learn something new, or sometimes just to see how other people live. Either way, there’s plenty you’ve got to say that people will find interesting!

To start you off, here are 3 content strategies for social media that will help your engagement:

  1. Pull the curtain back: Behind the scenes content always gets tons of engagement, because people love feeling like they’re getting “exclusive” access to something that’s usually hidden. If you create products, then post some reels and stories showcasing how the product is made. Colourpop, a popular makeup brand, has the most mesmerizing BTS content out there. Not only does BTS drum up interest and awareness for your product, but it also helps to educate your audience. If you sell a service, give people a glimpse into your work-from-home setup, your team’s workspaces, your office, or even a glimpse into your personal life. Just make sure to always connect it thematically back to whatever service you’re providing.

  2. Teach me something I don’t know: “Did you know?!”... Everyone loves the opportunity to say that at a party. Teach your audience something they didn’t know, or help them gain a different perspective on something. If you’re sitting there thinking “of course they already know this” then think again – there’s always bound to be someone out there who doesn’t know what you think is obvious information. For a good example of educational content, the eco cleaning product brand Blueland does a great job. They create content both about climate change (showing you the need for their products), as well as content on how best to use their products.

  3. Turn the hype up to 11: People love to see others succeed, so don’t be shy in sharing your successes. A great way to do this is to host a giveaway when you’re close to hitting a follower milestone (like 100k). People LOVE to feel like their follow was the ONE that helped you get to that number. Another great way to keep the hype train going is to preview new launches. Everlane does a great job of keeping the hype up by hosting “Transparency Tuesdays” on their stories, where they answer questions and give followers an “exclusive” peek at new products.

Want a better way to leverage your social media accounts to leave a bigger impact? Let’s talk about how designKREW can help get you there.


Jessica and the Krew

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