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3 timing tricks for social media

Ever wonder why some of your Insta posts are wildly successful, while others simply flop?

The struggle is REAL to try and “crack” the algorithm, but a big factor can be WHEN you’re posting. As in, what day and what time of day.

If you google “when’s the best time to post on Instagram” you’ll see a WHOLE lot of different opinions.

That’s because there’s no one best time to post. It depends on what you’re posting, and what other social media strategies you’re implementing.

Not the answer you wanted to hear? Here are the top 3 tips designKREW recommends for when to time your social media posts.

1. Use insights

If you have a business account, Instagram insights are your friend. It’ll tell you where most of your followers are located in the globe, and what hours they are most active.

According to statistics from Later, posting in the early morning and during lunch hour will yield you the most engagement.

That being said, always look at what your people are doing. Are your followers mostly entrepreneurs who don’t work a standard 9-5? Or are they night owls? Instagram insights will tell you.

2. Think about who your followers are

There will never be one report to tell you what’s the best way to reach YOUR audience.

We’re all different.

Take a look at some of your followers – the ones that represent your ideal clients. Who are they? What do they like? What does their day-to-day look like?

Are your followers mostly new mothers? If so, then the middle of the night while they’re nursing might be the only time they have to engage with your post about sleep training.

If your followers are high level entrepreneurs, then the very early morning might be the best time to reach them – after all, who isn’t trying out the billionaire morning routine these days?

3. Engagement for the win:

Getting your social posting timing right is important because it helps ensure that your post reaches as many of your people as possible.

In other words, it helps to make sure your audience engages with your posts. Do not ever POST AND GHOST. It’s kind of like dining and dashing. A big no-no. Spend some time commenting, engaging, and scrolling. POST. Then, comment and engage again for a little while.

BUT if you’re not creating engaging content that your audience craves, then getting the timing perfect – even down to the millisecond – isn’t going to get you ANYWHERE.

Want more social media tricks and tips? Check your inbox next week for insight on the hottest new trends in social media.

If all of this seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to start in growing your social numbers and engagement, then let us help. Book a call with me and let’s get your social accounts THRIVING.


Jessica and the Design Krew

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