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3 timing tricks for social media

Ever wonder why some of your Insta posts are wildly successful, while others simply flop?

The struggle is REAL to try and “crack” the algorithm, but a big factor can be WHEN you’re posting. As in, what day and what time of day.

If you google “when’s the best time to post on Instagram” you’ll see a WHOLE lot of different opinions.

That’s because there’s no one best time to post. It depends on what you’re posting, and what other social media strategies you’re implementing.

Not the answer you wanted to hear? Here are the top 3 tips designKREW recommends for when to time your social media posts.

1. Use insights

If you have a business account, Instagram insights are your friend. It’ll tell you where most of your followers are located in the globe, and what hours they are most active.

According to statistics from Later, posting in the early morning and during lunch hour will yield you the most engagement.

That being said, always look at what your people are doing. Are your followers mostly entrepreneurs who don’t work a standard 9-5? Or are they night owls? Instagram insights will tell you.

2. Think about who your followers are

There will never be one report to tell you what’s the best way to reach YOUR audience.