Congrats! You are the Sweet Power 
Personal Brand Archetype.

You are all things loving, motivational, and strong.

You gravitate towards things like motivational memes, seeing the good in others, self-care, fitness, and personal development. 

You feel excited by one highlight color (pink, blue, green, yellow) paired with white, gray, black and maybe a touch of the pastel hue of your highlight color. 

Textures that make you feel super great are your yoga mat, brushed metal, subway tiles in a new shower, and soft pillows. 

You’re next photoshoot should be at the beach in your hot fitness outfits turned casual beachwear turned sexy, stunning dress. You love it all! 

You’re messaging centers around a can-do attitude, doing whats right for you, staying centered, living in the moment, finding the fun in any situation, pushing through a challenge, and staying positive. 

You’ll use such words and phrases as heck yes, fight for it, you got this, mornings are magic, dig deep, and I believe in you.   

You’re next steps are to:

 √  Go workout and get those endorphins going!      


√  What colors outfit is your favorite to workout in? Write it down. 


√  After your workout, what feelings do you have?... Write them down.


√  If you could describe what stages you went though during your workout, how would they represent who you are? Write down the features and qualities that came to you.

√  Then, the next time you are talking to a client... 


√  What words do you hear them use? What challenges are they experiencing? Write them down.  

√  What word do you use often? Write them down. 


From this... your personal brand is starting to create itself!