Congrats! You are the Spiritual Sister Personal Brand Archetype.

You are all things connected, ethereal, and mystic.

You gravitate towards elements like the night, stars and moons, flowing fabrics, symbolism, and crystals. 

You feel enchanted by colors of purple, fuschia, opal, burgundy, turquoise and a touch of black, gold, and sparkle. 

Textures that make you beam are velvets, transparent silks, galaxies, and ancient jewels and coins. 

You’re next photoshoot should be one part on a plush velvet couch with your favorite things around you and one part in a lush area full or forest and fawn.

You’re messaging centers around being tapped in, surrendered, balanced, moving beyond the shadows, shining brightly, universal truth, and compassion.

You’ll use such words and phrases as go inward, acceptance, let go, possibility, unconditional, creation, reality, the divine, Spirit, Source, beyond the mind, meant for more, rightfully yours.  

You’re next steps are to:

 √  Sit in meditation and wait for divine guidance.  


√  What colors come into your minds eye? Write them down. 


√  What images and symbols do you see?... Write them down. 


√  How do these vision represent you? Write down their features and qualities.


√  Then, the next time you are talking to a client... 


√  What words do you hear them use? What challenges are they experiencing? Write them down

√  What word do you use often? Write them down. 


From this... your personal brand is starting to create itself!