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You don’t need to hold all the pieces

We’ve sent out some emails about branding this month, and I wanted to write a quick note about how it all comes together.

Competitive research, polling your audience, your brand voice and tone, the visuals of your brand… These are not all separate pieces. Building, growing, and shaping your brand includes ALL of that.

Hiring a full service marketing agency ensures that your branding and marketing makes sense as a whole picture.

Because designKREW is a full service agency, we’re able to carry through your brand vision and mission from the big-picture strategy to the small implementation details, and everything in between.

We’re one team, and we do it all – so you don’t have to.

We find that in our conversations with clients that they’re often surprised at the cost of full-service marketing…. They usually think it will cost a lot more than it does.

But when you’re hiring 5 different agencies that each do only 1 thing, you’re wasting money. Every agency needs to pay their team and make a profit, but when you hire a full service agency you’re contributing to only ONE team’s profit, instead 5.

Give me a call, and let’s discuss your branding and marketing needs.


Jessica and the designKREW

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