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You are amazing... plus some must reads...

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


It’s been a journey, this whole self-quarantine and pandemic. Ups and downs. Acceptance and resistance.

I am doing well. I get on edge here and there but then use all my tools to come back to the what's real and important. It is definitely a consistent practice.

That's the thing about me though, friend! I will never give up on you!

Hats off to you for being the super-mom, the loving partner, the patient daughter, the committed business owner in these times.

It takes extra gusto and strength.

Sending you happy, abundant vibes for you to close that sale, launch that workshop, serve those clients against the constant wave of fear, worry and lack... thats not the language you speak though, is it?

Me either.

One way I’ve taken advantage of this time is a new pleasure in reading again. So here are my 4 book recommendations for you to order and devour, I am currently devouring all four (a habit of mine to read more than one book at once!).

Currently on the night stand…⁠

Los Angeles⁠ by Taschen (more of a look book but soooo fun to read about the history of this wonderful city)

What are you currently reading?⁠

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