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Updated: Jan 11

That experience that you’ve been dreaming about for weeks now?

It’s coming to you now.

You know what I’m talking about.

The big dream, the real thing, the one that makes you so giddy that all you want to do is tell the world about it…

It’s also that dream that has you TERRIFIED that you’re going to mess it up and you feel like you’re exploding from fear and excitement at the same damn time.

Where it almost feels more painful to NOT move forward.

So you have two choices:

Either you let your FEAR determine the next step, or you acknowledge its presence and say thank you so much for doing your job of protecting me, but I got this, you can take a backseat now.

And let your EXCITEMENT take the reigns and build your momentum.

The thing is, if you’re dreaming about it... if it’s in your heart... then it IS the right step for you.

When you’re on the edge of something great its like all your fingers and toes start to tingle and you get those butterflies in your stomach. Welcome to the excitement of being alive!

So get rid of the fear (it’s in your head), don’t fixate on the “risk” (it’s riskier not to change), and ignore the judgement (listen to YOU, not them).

Having trouble taking that step?

Where you are now, was once only a thought, an idea. You already have proof that you can do it.

Take a beat. Remember all the things you once wished for that are now in your current reality.

Yep...You created ALL of that. You are super cool!

SO proud of you! ___

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