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✨Why you can’t guess what people want✨

Marketing is not a guessing game.

It’s a special blend of strategy and creativity.

So when it comes to understanding what your target audience wants, guessing isn’t going to hit the mark.

Even if you ARE part of your target audience.

Tools like buyer personas, demographics, and competitive research are great for understanding who your target audience is, but at some point you need to talk to them to figure out what they want.

There are a few ways you can connect with your audience and ask them what they want:

  1. Create a survey and ask them directly. Make sure it’s super simple to fill out, like the survey we sent last week asking you what you want to see in future posts. If you haven’t already filled it out, you still can!

  2. Create “this or that” polls on Instagram. These are super fun, and give you valuable info.

  3. Host a contest. Contests are a great way to poll your audience about what they want to see next. Nabisco does a great job with these contests when it comes to creating new oreo flavors (birthday cake is the best, obvs!).

You can ask your audience what kinds of products they want to see next, their thoughts on any ideas for future products or services, plus it’s a good way to boost customer engagement.

Once you ask your customers all about what they want, how do you translate it into a winning marketing strategy?

Remember I mentioned that blend of strategy and creativity a moment ago? That’s what designKREW specializes in.

We’re a full service marketing agency that can not only help you ask your audience what they want, but can take that information and create and implement a marketing strategy that will move the needle forward in your business.


Jessica and the designKREW

P.S. Want to see something specific in future posts? Let us know!

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