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👀What’s your fave (brand) position? 👀

Updated: May 13, 2022

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – your competition is your friend. It’s your 🔥.

It’s how you position yourself as different, unique, special from your competition, and how you position the value you provide to your audience that makes all the difference.

I was shopping in Sephora the other day looking to add a face toner to my skincare routine, and I was immediately overwhelmed with how many there were to choose from.

Once I saw a Youth to the People toner that has kombucha as the star ingredient? Of COURSE, I was hooked. I LOVE kombucha, so why wouldn’t I want it on my skincare?

Youth to the People positioned their brand as health-conscious, feminine, for the kind of closet hippie, yoga-going woman. And yes, I fell for that HARD (like Lyndsey Lohan fell for HARD Kombucha). Because I AM that woman.

Sure, there were toners that were less expensive, and more focused on “cold-pressed, rare exotic” ingredients. There were some that had super cool and convenient packaging.

And there are some people who are looking for the cheapest one, the simplest one, the one with the coolest sounding ingredient, and others that just want a convenient application.

When you look deep at what your brand does that sets it apart from all the rest, you make it SO easy for people to say YES!

But it’s not easy to do. It takes some deep competitor research, intense brainstorming sessions, and even some wonderfully beautiful moodboards.

Or, DESIGNKREW can do it for you so you can relax and stay in your zone of genius.

Schedule a free discovery call and we’ll talk strategy.

And remember – we don’t just do the big brain thinking. We also do all the doing. From strategy to creative to implementation, DESIGNKREW is your full-service marketing partner.

*sips ginger lemon Kombucha*

Talk soon!

Jessica and the DESIGNKREW

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