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✏️What can a quiz do for your list? ✏️

Updated: May 13, 2022

What do you like more: Puppies, or taking silly little quizzes about puppies?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose – this email is about BOTH.

Our designKREW copywriter extraordinaire, Maya, just picked up a cute doggo from the shelter and the hunt for healthy dog food inspired her to write about how powerful quizzes can be for building your list and capturing leads.

It all started with an Instagram ad for those kibble-alternative freeze-dried, ultra-organic, whole food, minimally processed, insert more buzzwords here dog food.

The website took her through a short quiz with the goal of “personalizing” food for her dog, cleverly named, Sheila.

And of COURSE, the website prompted her to enter her email address to get Sheila’s best food results.

Lo and behold, for $40/ week, Sheila the dog could eat healthier than Maya ever has.

Maya said “oh heeeyllll no!”, and clicked off the website.

… and then she got an email about all the benefits of this stupid kibble alternative. And then she looked at Sheila’s SWEET FACE:

Could you say no to Sheila? Neither could Maya. And now she spends $40/week on dog food. Because, puppy love.

Your customers have their own version of Sheila dog food needs.

Quizzes are a great addition to your website, especially if you have a handful of distinct products or different product lines or services that address different price points.

Here are just some of the magic quizzes can create for you:

  • Grow your list by providing an entertaining introduction to your brand

  • Serve as a lead magnet to a sales funnel

  • Target different pain points

  • Capture people’s natural desire to create solutions for something they are suffering with

  • Hone in on your client avatars

Want to see how quizzes can be your marketing catalyst? Let’s talk. Maya and the DK team LOVE writing and creating quizzes and promises to give Sheila a treat for each quiz she writes!

Woof Woof,

Jessica and the DESIGNKREW (and Sheila)

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