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🌟Use your words to make an impact 🌟

Did you know that there are over 170,000 words in the English language?

I’m no mathematician, but that’s a lot of ways to say things.

One of the biggest challenges brands have when they come to us is how to hone in on their brand voice, and messaging.

The first question we ask our clients is: What words are your target audience using to describe their pain points and desired outcomes?

Language goes beyond how we communicate ideas to each other – the words that we use build community between people.

And you want your target audience to be your community.

When you use your customer’s language to shape your messaging, you’re inviting them to join your community. You’re telling them that they belong.

And that is SO powerful in not only converting new customers, but cultivating loyal repeat customers that become brand ambassadors.

How do you know what words your target audience are using?

  • Take a look at some of your followers. What kinds of posts are they writing?

  • Look at your reviews and comments on your posts. What are people saying?

  • Go to relevant online communities where your people hang, and see what they’re talking about

Being intentional about how you use language in marketing is no easy task, but remember – the KREW is here for you.


Jessica and the designKREW

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