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this took me a week to process

Are you ready for this one!?

It took me a whole week to process all the goodness I absorbed during a 4-day business event I attended in Tampa just over a week ago.

I want you to know my top-five takeaways that you can implement right now in your business. I am always learning so I can bring you the best!! ❤️❤️

These are all eye-opening, juicy, delicious truths that you, as a business owner, need to absorb to expand your biz! YASSS. We love this!


Community and hype-girls are key. I’ve been very grateful for Zoom these past 18 months. It actually made it very easy for me to keep expanding my business. AND there is NOTHING like being in person with high-vibe, totally aligned people. So get yourself in the room (virtual or in-person) and start connecting with people that “get” what you are up to and will cheer you on along the way!


Neeeeevvvver underestimate the power of saying yes! You won't believe the growth that comes from saying YES to yourself before you are “ready”! All possibility is on the other side of YES. If you do the same things day in and day out and expect different results, good luck! You gotta shake it up, lady. Take a moment and think of something that you’ve been hesitating to say YES it? Now go make a move.


Be intentional with your business. High achievers know they create their lives and are victims to nothing and no one. You create your reality based on what you think about it. I’ve known this cognitively for sometime. Recently this is clicking on a whole new level for me. When you walk into a room, decide your intention beforehand. When you get on a call with a client - what do you want the outcome to be? Do you want to create an impact, make them feel seen and heard, come up with the most epic idea ever? You decide and be intentional in everything you do.


One of my faves. People are always listening and watching. I just recently signed a client that had been following me for almost a YEAR!!! She was watching and listening and when the time was right she said YES. But I didn't ghost her and then expect all the love in return. I hung in there and built the relationship. So keep showing up and sharing all that good, juicy content you work so hard on! Even if last week didn't go according to plan.