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👀this is a big mistake I always see 👀

Marketing involves A LOT of writing.

Website copy, emails, sales pages…

The first question you should ask yourself before starting any project is… who am I talking to?

This question goes beyond defining your target audience.

The most effective copy feels like it’s addressing the reader directly, personally, and intimately.

Which means you need to talk to ONE person. Then, they never wonder is this message meant for me?

Give this person a name, and a story.

You’re the owner of a business that’s been doing great on social media. Your Shopify store is doing well or your program has been kind of selling, but you want to expand. Rebrand. Get your stuff “out there.”

You just don’t have TIME to devote to figuring out a winning marketing plan to grow your business.

You’ve signed up for these emails as a way of reminding yourself to eventually “figure out” your marketing.

This is a reminder. Give us a call, and we’ll get started on that winning marketing plan.


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