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🧻The toilet paper brand that does it right🧻

We’re finally going to have The Talk.

I’ve been dancing around the subject, but it’s time I talk about it head-on. Are you ready? Sit down.

I know you want to be all ra-ra-kumbayah, and think competition is not a thing.... but competition it is 100% a real... and it's a GOOD THING.

Don’t fear your competitors.

Many leaders think having competitors means that their market is oversaturated (another one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PHRASES), and that there is no room for their brand.

Listen, we don’t live under a controlling regime where there’s only one, utilitarian, option for each item.

Want to buy a roll of toilet paper? There are dozens of brands to choose from.

So what sets them apart?

Well, Charmin is all about cute bears and keeping your (insert euphemism for butt) feeling peachy. They typically appeal to families, although I must admit I’m a life-long Charmin loyalist.

Seventh Generation provides ~eco-friendly~ household staples, making it an easy grocery-store pick up for anyone who cares about that (which should be everyone, really).

And then you’ve got Who Gives a Crap. Their whole brand image revolves around positioning themselves in relation to their competitors. The name says it all – Who Gives a Crap? Who cares about those brand names? This is the toilet paper for people who hate making choices, and LOVE automating recurring shipments so they don’t have to ever – god forbid – run to the store for toilet paper again #PandemicTrauma. Oh and they’re eco-friendly too, take THAT Seventh Generation!

The weird part? Who Gives a Crap isn’t the only e-commerce, conveniently shipped to your house toilet paper brand out there, and more are pooping up every year (whoops – Freudian slip!).

So trust me, your market isn’t “oversaturated”, and you shouldn’t fear your competitors.

Instead, study your competitors. GASP, reach out to them! Is there potential for collaboration? Are you actually complementary businesses that can prop each other up? Or see how you can revolutionize your product or service like Who Gives a Crap did to fulfill a need!

This takes a lot of research, which takes a lot of time that I’m sure you don’t have. We’d love to be your researchKREW. Let’s talk about how we can turn your competition into sales.


Jessica and the designKREW

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